Injector Removal

Car-tek  provides a service to remove seized injectors from your engine.

We use the latest range of Hydraulic Extraction tools specific to PSA HDI, Multijet, CDTI and Renault DCI engines. On many of today's common rail diesel engines serious problems are experienced in the removal of the injectors. This is due to problems caused by the build up of carbon or the effects of water ingress, leading to the injector fusing with aluminum cylinder head. We can also remove the majority of these injectors even after attempted removal has already taken place, even where damage has occurred. E.g Threads damaged or broken off, even when the injector has snapped leaving the nozzle stuck in the cylinder head.


First Injector £100 + Vat

Thereafter £50 + Vat per injector

If broken from previous attempt £250 + Vat